Keeping You Connected

OneVoice is the largest Digital P2T (Push-to-Talk) Radio Network on the East Coast. Our Motorola Connect Plus system includes over 70 linked sites with enhanced roaming features enabling you to be in constant communication with your fleet, no matter where your business takes you.

Push to Talk Radio Network


Connect Plus

We understand that you need communications where you do business. That is why we have strategically constructed over 70 sites across the Northeast. Our system provides roaming capability between our sites to deliver wide area coverage for your multi-location or fleet-based business. With high quality voice and data communication, OneVoice Push to Talk Radio Network simply and affordably bridges the communications gap between fleets and employees.

Worried About Downtime?

Our sites have been the backbone for reliable communication during natural disasters including Hurricane Sandy. Battery backups at all sites allow for continued communication, up to 96 hrs of up-time in the event of power outages. Additionally, our network is primarily linked via Microwave dishes with the additional redundancy of land based Broadband Fiber Optic/Cable connections. You can feel safe knowing that OneVoice Push to Talk Radio Network will be there to keep you talking when Cellular based Push to Talk won’t.

Industries Serviced

Ready Mix |  Towing |  Transportation Waste Management |  Building Restoration |  School Bus Public Safety |  EMS |  And much more.


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